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Superboy #2: Multiple Choice

Welcome to my DCU! My DCU takes place during what I consider, the new Golden Age for DC, Pre-Infinite Crisis. What you need to know is that this series starts off just after Young Justice: Graduation Day, and before Geoff Johns Teen Titans #1, so the Young Justice team is disband and the Teen Titans are yet to come. This story was originally conceived 12 years ago back in 2003 when Teen Titans came out and everyone was upset about the change in Superboy, so that is why it will be connected to that for the first arc. From there on out everything is fair game, I can change, add, twist anything I want, and I plan on doing just that!

Superboy #2 Multiple Choice

"Conner, Conner. Come on dear, you'll be late," Martha yelled up the stairs.

"AHHHHH," Conner yawned as he turned his head and looked at the clock beside his bed. Conner set up slowly, rubbing his eyes trying to adjust to the light. There was a knock on his door and Martha said, "Conner, time to wake up. You can sleep in tomorrow and Sunday."

Conner looked over at the door, yawned again and said, "Ok Mrs. Kent. I'll be right down."

Martha smirked a little as she reminded Conner, "That's Aunt Martha now Conner."

Conner closed his eyes knowing he forgot it and replied, "Sorry Aunt Martha."

"That's ok dear. It'll take some time to get used to saying it." Martha said before heading back down the stairs.

Conner got out of bed and took a nice refreshing shower. Hanging out the night before with Matt, and his friends took a lot out of him. Conner wrapped the towel around his waist and began to get dressed; blue jeans with a long sleeved blue pull over shirt, and of course his black Superboy shirt under it.
He grabbed his glasses and headed down the stairs. He saw his backpack sitting there by the steps and with his right foot hooked the strap and kick it up to his hands. "Damn I'm good," Conner said to himself with a smile.

"Conner, come on dear, breakfast is waiting," Martha called.

"Ok. Here I come Mrsss.... Aunt Martha," Conner stammered out as he entered the kitchen, where Jonathan Kent sat at the table behind his morning paper, a smirk on his face.

"Glad to see you've made it out of bed son," Jonathan said as he turned a page.

Conner sat down and rubbed the back of his head with his right hand, "Yeah, I guess I was up pretty late, I couldn't sleep."

"Ahhh, than I have just the thing. Starting tomorrow we'll begin the daily chores, get you good and tired every night," Jonathan said raising his coffee cup. Conner looked like he was just hit in the gut by Knockout.

"Yeah, I'll show you how to milk the cows, gather the chicken's eggs, slop the hogs, make you into a regular farm hand," Jonathan added.

"Oh Jonathan Joseph Kent, you leave the boy alone, and let him eat his breakfast," Martha said as she patted Conner's back.

"The boy was sent here to develop a work ethic, Martha, and chores will do that," Jonathan stated.

"Ok. Some chores, but don't you think for a second you're going to hamper his fun," Martha amended.

Conner looked up and smiled at Martha and Jonathan although he didn't want to milk any cows it felt nice to have people who cared for him, it felt nice to have a family.

Martha wiped the counter off then looked over at Conner and asked, "Conner, Jonathan's going to drop me off at the General Store, why don't we give you a ride to school?"

Conner wiped his mouth off as he stood up and said, "Thanks, but Matt and the guys are picking me up today."

Conner grabbed his bag and started out when Jonathan's voice grabbed his attention, "Conner, come right home today and I'll show you the ropes, so tomorrow will go easier for you."

Conner winced as he replied, "Ok. No problem."

Conner headed out the door and down the porch just as Matt sped up the drive, and shouted, "Come on Kent."

Conner jumped in the front seat and relaxed as Duncan sped away.

"So, after school, I was thinking of getting up a game of rag tag football to practice before try-outs on Monday," Matt said.

Conner winced again as he informed Matt, "Man I wish I could, but I have to do some things on the farm today after school."

Matt glanced over at Conner while driving and said, "Bummer man, but no big, we'll do it tomorrow, late afternoon ok?"

"Your on," Conner said.

The group pulled up to the school and entered it. Conner walked down the halls with his new friends and it felt great, he was cool, and popular.

The gang all gathered their books from their lockers and were ready to head out, but Conner was having trouble getting his to open up.

"36... 24... 28? 36... 24... 36? Damn lockers," Conner mumbled to himself.

"Hey, Kent. We'll meet you in Home Room ok," Matt giggled as he walked down he hall.

"Need a hand?" Chloe Sullivan asked.

Conner looked at her sheepishly and said, "Umm Yeah, this locker won't open, and if I can't get it I'm sure you can't."

"Excuse me," Chloe said with attitude.

"Nothing, it's just a defective locker. No one can open it I bet, that's all," Conner said, trying to make his previous statement less offensive.

"Ok City Boy, here's the bet; if I open the locker I get my one-on-one interview with you tomorrow afternoon," Chloe said extending her hand.

Conner smiled at Chloe's sheer determination, and met her hand with his. As the two shook their hands 

Conner asked, "And if you can't open it?"

Chloe shoved her books into Conner's arms, pressed her left ear against his locker as her right hand turned the dial. Conner looked at Chloe and let out a scoff. Chloe listened closely to the tumblers, and after the final one clicked into place she pulled up the handle and banged the locker opening it.

"I never loose a bet, City Boy. Tomorrow, 12:00 P.M., your house," Chloe said as she walked away leaving Conner standing there in awe, and a smile on her face.

Conner grabbed his books, shut his locker, and ran to class making it just as the bell rang. Conner walked over to his seat by the window and flopped down with relief.

Matt leaned forward as he whispered to Conner, "So, you got your locker open, huh?"

"Yeah, and I wanted to thank you for all your help, man," Conner whispered back as he leaned his head back.

"No prob, anytime," Matt said as he and Conner chuckled.

Later on at the end of the school day, Matt spots Conner walking out and yells for him, "Conner, dude, jump in, we'll drive you home."

"Cool. Thanks man," Conner replied.

"No prob, we can talk about pre-try-outs practice tomorrow," Matt said as everyone climbed in his car.

"Man, with you on our team this year, Conner, everyone is going to fear the Duncan-Kent combo," Matt said as Conner jumped out of his car.

Conner stuck out his fist and gave Matt a pound and told him with a smirk, "Without a doubt."

Conner headed off to the barn and as he walked in Jonathan noticed him flinching from the smell and laughed as he said, "MMMMM nothing like the smell of a working farm's barn, huh son?"

"If you say so Mr., ummm I mean Uncle Jon," Conner said as he adjusted to the smell of the barn.

Jonathan chuckled and showed Conner the ropes, letting the young man get his hands dirty.

Jonathan looked at his pocket watch and, seeing how late it has gotten told Conner, "Ok Conner, it's getting late. After you finish milking the cows remember to wash up for dinner. I'm going to go pick up Martha and then we'll eat, ok?"

"Sure thing. I should be done here soon," Conner said right before he squirted himself in the eye with some milk.

Jonathan lifted his hat from his head and wiped the sweat from his brow as he turned around and laughed.

"Conner, dear, we're home," Martha yelled as Jonathan and her walked in the door.

Conner came down the stairs moments later with a pair of sweat pants, no shirt and using a towel to dry his still wet head. Martha opened the slow cooker and the smell of roast beef filled the air as Conner walked up to smell the food that his stomach had been growling for.

"MMMMMM. Now that's a farm smell I like," Conner said with a smile as he headed back towards the table.

The sun started to set as the Kent's sat down for dinner, ending another day.

The next morning the roosters woke Conner up good and early with their crowing and he got right to work. He knew in order to play he had to first pay, and he knew that now meant farm chores.

Martha walked up behind Jonathan, as he peeked out the kitchen window at Conner and asked "How did he do yesterday?"

Jonathan replied with a slight amount of amusement, "Ok. The cows might be a little sore, but he did ok, he never gave up. He's a true Kent."

Martha and Jonathan looked on as Conner headed into the barn. Jonathan started out the door, putting on his hat as he crossed the field with the pigs slop, and he couldn't help but peek in on Conner as he milked the cows and gathered the eggs.

After the morning chores were done the Kent's sat down for their breakfast.

Conner gobbled up his breakfast as Jonathan and Martha watched. Conner stood up, plate in hand, excusing himself from the table, and placed the dish in the sink.

"Wow! That boy sure does have an appetite," Jonathan joked.

"He's a growing boy who is working hard. He can eat as much as he likes. But don't think I didn't see you take that extra butter, Jonathan Kent, you know you have to watch your cholesterol," Martha said with a knowing glance.

The two got up from the table themselves and Martha grabbed her coat as she asked Conner, "What do you have planned for today dear?"

"Chloe Sullivan, the school paper's reporter is going to interview me about being the new kid, and the cousin of the famous reporters Clark Kent and his wife Lois Lane. Then a few guys are going to pick me up to hang out." Conner said as he flipped through the channels.

"Ok, but remember to be careful, ok Conner? Your identity is a secret now. Make sure you wear your glasses and all," Martha said as Jonathan rushed her out of the house, saving Conner.

A little while after Martha and Jonathan left for the General Store Chloe Sullivan pulled up and knocked on the door of the Kent's home.

Conner yelled, “be right there,” as he got up and headed for the door, until he remembered he forgot his glasses. He ran back and put them on, then ran towards the door greeting Chloe, and inviting her in.

Chloe looked around the house and saw the reception on the TV, and blurted out, "Nice place, kind of out in the boondocks but nice. I guess you don't get cable this far out, huh?"

"No. It's the price we pay for living out here." Conner answered.

Chloe took out her pad and pen, along with a L-Pad. She swiped the L-Pad finding her recording app then placed in on the table and pressed record as she looked at Conner and told him, "The recorder is just in case I don't catch something, that's all."

"I know," Conner chuckled as he sat down.

Chloe asked her first question, "Ok, so, how are you and Clark alike, and differ?"

Conner looked at Chloe after taking a second to think about it and answered her, "Clark fights for the little guy, and I do that too, and we're different because, I'm the new and improved model."

Chloe smiled as she asked her standard questions about being new in town, what it was like having the town's sports hero as his cousin, and having that same cousin be half of a world famous journalism team with his wife.

Conner answered all of her questions as any teenager would, and didn't reveal too much about who he is.

Chloe then dropped her last question, “Is it true that you are the son of Clark Kent and his High School sweetheart Lana Lang?” Chloe’s head shot up to look at Conner to read his face for any indication of him lying.

“Ummm, excuse me?” Conner stammered out. “The what? Of who and who?”

Chloe cocker her eyebrow and replied with, “Come on don’t tell me you didn’t hear the rumors? Everyone is talking with you looking so much like Clark and him and Lana being like THE couple in High School, rumor is that you are their son, but you were sent away so they could live their lives and not have to be drop-out.”

“NO!” Conner answered. “No, I never knew who my parents were, I actually once thought my dad was the man that raised me in Metropolis, but after he died, I found out he wasn’t. Then I moved to Hawaii where I lost someone very close to me again and after that I met Clark Kent who told me we were family and I came here to live with his parent’s my Uncle Jon and Aunt Martha.”

“Wow, that is quite a life there City Boy,” Chloe said reading Conner’s face told her that he was being honest. “Don’t worry, I will only print that you are his cousin, and everything else will be off the record.”

After the interview Conner and Chloe just talked, and got around to playing a few video games.

Chloe stood up after defeating Conner in a fighting game and stretched out her legs, "Ahhh man City Boy, I kicked your butt," Chloe rubbed in.

Conner placed his hand over his eyes in defeat, and asked Chloe, "Where did you learn those moves?"

Chloe noticed a picture on the wall of Lois and Clark and stared at it as she answered Conner's question, "Basic self defense techniques use the other person's strength against them. My cousin taught me that."

"Ok, but I was thinking more like one of those strategy guides or something," Conner joked.

Chloe shook her head and looked at her L-Phone as she said, "Well I have to go, City Boy. Your alright Conner Kent, who knows, one day I might show you some of my moves."

Conner walked Chloe to her car and just as she was driving out, Matt pulled up. Matt, and his crew got out of the car as Matt cracked, "What's with Veronica Mars, Con-Man?"

"Chloe? She just came over to interview me because of my cousin, that's all," Conner explained.

Matt reached in his car and grabbed the football, as he gestured to the big empty field beyond the Kent's corn field and said, "So instead of practicing with everyone else at the school, why not use the big field we saw coming up?"

Conner shrugged his shoulders and said, "Why not? Let's do it."

The teens headed over to the field where they began throwing around the football and having fun.

Hours went by and Jonathan rolled by the field in his truck, he slammed on the brakes and rushed to the field and called Conner over.

Conner ran over and asked, "What's up? I thought you were going to spend the day at the store helping Mrs. Kent out, I mean Aunt Martha."

Jonathan looked at Conner and replied, "I am, but we needed some more eggs. But that's not important, this field is off limits Conner, I know I forgot to tell you, but it is, so you and your friends need to leave it, ok?"

Conner looked and Jonathan and wasn't sure why, but he agreed, "Ok, we're done anyway." Then Conner asked, "Is it ok if I go to the Talon with them?"

"Sure," Jonathan replied as he headed back to his truck and Conner to his friends.

The group drank shakes and ate burgers at the Talon and as they were leaving Matt bumped into Whitney Fordman.

"Watch it geek!" Matt said flicking Whitney's forehead, as his crew minus Conner laughed with him.

"Leave him alone, knuckle draggers!" Chloe said as she stood by Whitney.

She looked at Conner and said, "I guess you should think again about what you and your cousin have in common."

"OOOOOOO, she told you Con, ignore Veronica Mars, let’s bail," Matt said tapping Conner on the arm as they jumped in his car and sped off.

Conner looked back and saw the disappointed and angered look in Chloe's face.

Conner was quiet through dinner, and went to bed early with the day's events running through his head.

Conner woke up Sunday morning, went about his chores, and sat down to breakfast.

Martha sat down at the table and asked Conner, "So what do you have planned for today?"

Conner just pushed his food around his plate and replied in a less than enthused tone, "Nothing much, just going to watch some TV and listen to some music."

"Ok. But if you do decide to go out remember that Clark and Lois are coming over for the family Sunday dinner," Martha reminded Conner.

Conner excused himself, placed his plate in the sink, and flopped on the sofa where he took the remote and began channel surfing.

"Jonathan, I'm worried about Conner. Something seems to be bothering him," Martha whispered.

"I know Martha. I thought so last night so, I called Clark and he said he'll talk to him tonight at dinner," Jonathan answered in a hushed tone.

Conner remained quiet throughout the day, going from TV to music, the whole time thinking.

"Knock, knock," Clark joked as he entered his childhood home with Lois.

"Clark, Lois," Martha exclaimed as she dried her hands off with a dish towel and ran in to hug them.

"Conner! Jonathan! Clark and Lois are here, time to eat boys," Martha yelled as the three of them headed into the dining room.

Jonathan came in from the back porch, and Conner came down from is room with his ear buds around his neck.

Jonathan greeted his son with a firm hand shake and his daughter-in-law with a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

As Conner walked in Clark said, "Hey Conner. How's everything going?"

Conner shrugged his shoulders as he headed to the table and said, "Ok I guess."

Lois looked at Clark and without any words the two exchanged their thoughts. Clark knew that Conner was troubled so after dinner he told Conner, "Why don't we take a walk out to the old field?"

Conner agreed and the two headed out.

"So, I hear Pa busted you in this field yesterday, huh?" Clark asked as the two walked.

"Yeah, but he didn't say why he was so tweaked," Conner answered.

"Don't feel bad, Pa wouldn't let me play out here either. See, this once once owned by Old Man Miller, and Ma & Pa bought the field from his kids when he passed away to expand their crops, but they never used it because this where they found me, so it's special to them, especially to Pa." Clark explained.

"Ok, I get that, so what's with the walk and talk?" Conner asked.

"Well, I also heard about your thinking about trying out for the Crows," Clark said as the two sat on the bluff at the end of the field. "Do you think that's a good idea?"

"Yeah, but what's the big deal, I thought you'd be up for me keeping up the Kent's name in Football?" Conner asked.

"Well, do you think it's really fair for the rest of the team to have you using your gifts and taking away from them their hard earned glory?" Clark asked.

"What? You had no problem playing." Conner stated.

"No I didn't, but Pa showed me how I used my powers and took that from my teammates," Clark replied.

"But I'm not like you. My powers are all based on my TTK, unlike you I can shut them off when I want to. I wouldn't use them to win some game, I don't need to cheat," Conner defended himself.

"I'm not saying you're a cheater or that you can't play. But I am going to ask; what happens when you're down by one down, you have the other team gunning for you, your blood racing, adrenaline pumping and your instincts take over, and your powers kick in? How do you deal with hurting someone by accident?" Clark asked.

"I won't, I mean I'm sure my powers won't kick in and I won't hurt anyone on purpose," Conner countered.

"I know you won't on purpose, but sometimes things happen that's beyond our control. All I ask is that you think of that before you join up, ok?" Clark said.

Conner shook his head, and asked Clark, "How do you know when something is right?"

Clark looked at Conner and asked back, "What do you mean?"

"Like how do you know when what you did was the right thing to do, not as Superman, not with your powers, but as Clark?" Conner clarified.

"Ahh! The moral struggle, that's the hardest part, not the powers, they're a little easier, it's the human equation that's hard. I guess, you know, when you feel it." Clark offered up.

"But, what do you do when you're torn?, You want one thing, but something happens, and if you do something, you might loose what you want, and what happened it's not really bad?" Conner added on.

"That's something that you have to decide. You have look into yourself and ask, what is the right thing to do? Not what's right for you but what's truly right," Clark answered.

"How do you know what's truly right?" Conner asked.

"You just do." Clark replied as the two stood up.

“One more thing,” Conner asked as they brushed their hands and pants off. “How do you get used to the smell of that barn?”

“HAHAHAHA,” Clark laughed before he answered, “You never do, Conner, you never do.”

"Why don't you get the football and we can throw it around, so you'll be ready for try-outs tomorrow? If you're lucky I'll show some of my moves," Clark said as he pretended to run in place with an imaginary football.

"Yeah right dude. You're old, I'll show you some moves," Conner shot back with a laugh.

Jonathan looked on as his boys played football in the field and a warm proud smile came upon his face.

Martha looked at Lois and shrugged as she said, "Boys, they never grow up," and the two laughed as Conner and Clark raced across the field, playing football.

Next issue: 

Try-outs are here, and Conner has more than the tackling dummies to wrestle with.

Writer’s Thoughts:

With this issue I wanted to show how Conner's life is with no Superboy at all, just plain old Conner Kent.

He's trying to fit in with the in-crowd as most teens want to do, and try to be a good man, even though the two sometimes seem to conflict.

I also wanted to show the slightest threads of where I'm taking Chloe, and why she is who she is.

And finally I wanted Clark and Conner to have a talk since to me Clark is Conner's "Pa Kent", he is that voice of experience, to him.

I hope everyone likes where I'm taking this and encourage feedback, with questions and comments below. Pretty soon I will have my letters page up and running where I will answer most questions you have about the issue or the series, and talk about your opinions, and concerns as well.


All rights to Superman and all related characters belong to DC Comics a Time-Warner company. This is a work of fiction meant for fun and entertainment and does not in anyway imply ownership or infringe on any copyrights or trademarks associated with Superman. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superboy was created by Jerry Siegel, for without whom my favorite characters would not exist.

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