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Superboy #1 - Orientation

Welcome to my DCU! My DCU takes place during what I consider, the new Golden Age for DC, Pre-Infinite Crisis. What you need to know is that this series starts off just after Young Justice: Graduation Day, and before Geoff Johns (Yes that is who Mr. Johns is) Teen Titans #1, so the Young Justice team is disband and the Teen Titans are yet to come. This story was originally conceived 12 years ago back in 2003 when Teen Titans came out and everyone was upset about the change in Superboy, so that is why it will be connected to that for the first arc. From there on out everything is fair game, I can change, add, twist anything I want, and I plan on doing just that!

Superboy #1 - Orientation

Man, I can't believe I have to go to school, I'm so above all of this. I should be out saving people fighting the good fight, but instead
Clark says I need to learn how to have a normal life, Conner thought as he looked in the mirror and fixed his hair.

Conner never had a real secret identity, this was new to him, having a life outside of being Superboy. Having to go to school, doing chores, having a curfew, and having a family.

"Conner, come on down, your going to be late dear," yelled Martha Kent.

Martha stood at the foot of the steps from where she watched young Conner walk down, she gulped, he reminded her so much of her Clark, it was like an image from another time.

He walked down the steps dressed in blue jeans, an untucked red button down shirt, and an opened blue lightweight jacket.

"Are you alright Mrs. Kent?" Conner asked.

"She's just fine son, and we're family now, so no more Mr. and Mrs. Kent, ok?" Jonathan said as he placed his arm around his wife knowing what she was thinking of.

"Here you go dear, the final piece, your glasses," Martha placed the frames on his face, her hands trembling slightly from the dej'vu feeling.
Ma & Pa Kent
Conner grasped her hands gently, helping her to place them on his face, and smiled as he said "Thank you Mrs..." he started to say, then looked at Jonathan and finished his sentence "... Aunt Martha."

Conner headed out the door as the Kents stood in the entry way with a look of pride that only family could have.

"Hey don't forget son, you need to come right home after school, we have a tractor to fix," Jonathan yelled.

Conner looked back and replied "Ok sure thing Uncle Jon."

"Oh dear, Jonathan, he's just like...." Martha began.

"... Our Clark. I know Martha, I know," Jonathan finished with a smile.

Ok, this should be a piece of cake, Conner thought. I mean, I'm Superboy, the Teen of Steel, I fight super baddies all the time High School is going to be way easy.

Conner looked up at the sign and sighed as he whispered to himself, "Welcome to Smallville High."

He entered the school and looked around, taking in everything. The walls were a brick red color while the lockers were teal. Hmmm, red and blue, how original Clark. Conner thought with a smile.
On the walls were banners and pendants. Students were in the hall leaning against lockers, laughing and catching up on their summer vacations.

Conner stopped when he saw the trophy case where he saw Clark's picture all over it. Clark was a jock? Never would have guessed that, Conner thought as he looked at the pictures which were like a moment frozen in time, Clark's life, now Conner started to understand why Clark wanted him to have a normal life too.
Whitney Fordman
"Ah I see you found the trophy case, I hope to be in there one day myself," a voice from behind Conner said. 

Conner turned and saw a teenage boy standing behind him. The boy was a little shorter than him, average build. He was African American, with black hair, and brown eyes.

The stranger extended his hand as he introduced himself "Whitney Fordman, and you are?"

"Conner Kent," Conner said meeting Whitney's hand and shaking it.

"You mean Kent, as in Clark Kent?" Whitney asked in awe.

"Yeah, he's my cousin, why?" Conner wondered.

"The man's a legend here." Whitney said as if Conner should know already.

Conner stood there looking at Clark's picture with him on the shoulders of his team and thought Legend, like Superboy living up to Superman's Legend wasn't enough now I have to live up to Clark's.

"Well, catch ya later man. Maybe I'll see you at try outs for the team next week," Whitney said as he walked away, leaving Conner still looking at the Trophy Case in awe.

Conner stood there until the sound of the bell shook him from his trance, and he headed off to his home room.

"Hmmm, room 308, this is it," Conner mumbled to himself as he read his class roster.

Conner opened up the door and all eyes turned to him. His home room teacher stood there and waited for him to approach his desk. Conner walked over to him and handed him a slip of paper.

The teacher extended his hand to young Conner and said "Welcome to Smallville High Conner, I'm Mr. Johns, your home room teacher, and advisor."

Mr. Johns then turned to the class and announced, "Alright class this is Conner Kent, he's new to Smallville, so he'll need someone to show him the ropes, I'm sure one of you will be more than happy to accommodate him. Now take a seat Conner."

Conner looked around and saw an empty seat in the middle of the room near the window and took it.

As Mr. Johns began talking the guy next to him leaned over to Conner "Pssst."
Matt Duncan
Conner looked over and saw the guy. He was big, like a football player. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, and was wearing a Letterman's jacket.

"Hey, Matt Duncan," the jock introduced himself in a whisper as he extended his hand to Conner. "So your name is Conner Kent, eh? Any relation to Clark Kent?"

Conner met his hand and gave it a quick shake and answered Matt's question in a whisper "Yeah. He's my cousin."

"Way cool man. He's a freaking legend," Matt said.

"Yeah, so I've heard." Conner replied.

"Well I'll be happy to show you the ropes and all. Maybe even stop by the Talon after school, you know get to know everyone." Matt smiled as he offered.

"Sure, why not," Conner replied accepting Matt's offer.

Conner's day went by pretty easy and he found himself enjoying his secret identity.

"Hey, Conner man, hop in I'll drive you to the Talon," Matt yelled from his red convertible.

Conner smiled and ran over jumping in the back seat with two of the other guys. Yeah man, I could really dig this ID. Conner thought.

The car sped out of the school's parking lot as the guys hoot and hollered. They pulled up to the Talon, an old movie theater which was restored as a coffee house/teen sanctuary.

"My girl works here so she'll hook us up Con," Matt said as he winked. "I would have introduced you two at school but she was busy with her activist stuff. Her father is some Environmental Lawyer or something."

Conner looked around trying to take in the scenery and noticed a girl with short blonde hair sitting on a bench outside of the Talon. She was writing in a note pad and listening to her L-Pod.

He also noticed that above her were a few men doing some work on the roof. They were hoisting up some beams and he saw the rope splintering. He glanced around again and noticed way too many people walking by he knew he had to act.

"Hey guys, I dropped my keys, my Aunt and Uncle will freak if I loose them," Conner said as he patted his pockets, as if he was looking for them.

"Ok, we'll help you find them," Matt said as the gang began to turn around.

"Nah, you guys go in, I'll meet you inside, ok?" Conner covered.

"Ok, whatever catch you inside man," Matt said as they entered the Talon.
Chloe Sullivan
Conner went back around the building to the lot where the car was parked and ripped open his shirt revealing a black t-shirt with the red "S" shield underneath, then removed his glasses as he took off.

Conner flew in just as the rope snapped and the beams began to fall. He grabbed the roped and using his Tactical Telekinesis he tightened the rope around the beams and carried them to the roof, but one beam slipped out and was falling straight down towards the blonde girl.

Conner knew she didn't hear the yells from the passers by and he flew down with all his speed catching the beam just above her head.

The girl looked up and saw the beam, then looked over and saw Superboy holding it. The crowd cheered, and her instincts kicked in.

"Superboy, Chloe Sullivan, I'm a reporter from the Smallville High Torch, and was wondering if I can get an interview, maybe find out why there have been so many sightings of you around here lately," she blurted out as Superboy took off, looking back and giving everyone a wink.

Chloe took off after Superboy like a woman on a mission. Just as she reached the end of the Talon Conner turned the corner, knocking them both to the ground.

"Watch where you're going..." Chloe began to yell. She stopped when she saw who she bumped into.

Conner stood up and tried to help her. He held his hand out, which she grabbed to pull herself up.

"Hi, I'm Conner..." he started to say.

"Kent, I know," Chloe finished for him. "We're in some of the same classes. Chloe Sullivan, Editor, and top reporter for the Smallville High Torch. I'd love to interview you sometime."

Conner stood there a little perplexed and asked fearing that the glasses disguise didn't fool anyone, "Why would you want to interview me?"

"You are Clark Kent's cousin right?" Chloe said with a look that screamed Duh!

"Oh yeah, I forgot he's somewhat of a legend, the big sports hero," Conner said in a less than enthused tone.

Chloe looked at him with the same 'Duh' look as she said, "I guess so, and I could care less about that. He's one of the world's top journalists and he's married to Lois Lane, another top journalist."

Conner looked shocked and agreed, "Sure, maybe later on in the week."

Chloe looked confident and smiled as she parted Conner with a nod, and said, "You bet."

Conner turned around with a smile and headed towards the Talon.

He walked in and looked around the place. It was a little odd that a place like this was in Smallville, it had a city look to it. The ceilings were high and supported by huge posts with Egyptian scribe on them, Very nice, he thought.

"Hey Con, over here," Matt yelled, waving him over to the booth they were in.

Conner walked over and found that the booth was filled.

"Pull up a seat man," Matt advised.

Conner reached over to the empty table behind him and pulled an unused chair from it. He swung it around positioning the chair under him as he sat on it backwards, with his arms resting on the top of it.
Christen Small
"So, what can I get you guys?" a very soft voice said from behind Conner.

Conner turned his head and saw a beautiful teenage girl with long straight black hair and the most exotic blue eyes.

"Anything you want," he said breathing in deeply.

"Ahhh Con, man hate to disappoint you but this is my girlfriend, Christen Small." Matt said as he walked over to Christen, placing his arm around her.

Conner sighed, and said, "Then an Iced-Tea please."

"Sure, and the rest of you I guess will have your usual, right?" Christen said as the rest of the crew shook their heads in affirmation.

Conner sat there with his new friends, having fun until he saw what time it was. "Aw man, I have to run guys," Conner said reaching into his pockets for money to pay for his Iced-Tea.

"What, you late for a date or something?" Matt asked.

"No, my Uncle is rebuilding the farm, and needs help with the tractor. He told me to come right home so we can fix it. Sorry to bail but I have to go," Conner said as he threw his money on the table and ran out the door.

Conner did a quick change and flew off racing to the Kent's Farm as fast as he could fly. He reached the front porch, hovered down, and headed in.

"Mr. and Mrs. Ken..." He started to say. "Uncle Jon, Aunt Martha I'm home."

Conner walked into the kitchen where Martha was doing the dishes.

"Sorry I'm late Aunt Martha, I met some kids at school, and we went to the Talon," Conner stumbled out.

"Jonathan's out in the barn, and your dinner is in the microwave, dear," Martha said in a soft voice, without looking at Conner. "Make sure you wash, dry, and put your dish away when you’re done."

Conner knew she was disappointed in him and headed out to the barn, he stopped and noticed Jonathan pitching some hay, and continued on over.

"Sorry I didn't come right home, Uncle Jon, I met some kids at school. We went to the Talon after, and I lost track of time." Conner explained.

"I'm glad you made some friends son," Jonathan said, as he pitched the hay.

"So you’re not mad then?" asked Conner.

"Mad? No. Disappointed? Yes," Jonathan answered. "We might not be able to get the field ready in time now."

"No prob. Hello Tactical Telekinesis here. I can do the field, and have it ready in no time flat," Conner boasted.

"I bet you could, but that would be an easy way out," Jonathan finished, as he planted the fork in the hay.

Conner stood there and watched him walk away. He saw the tractor and the tools and decided to fix it.

"Jonathan, aren't you going to help the boy?" Martha asked in a whisper, as the two looked on from the window. 

"No Martha, this is something he must do on his own," Jonathan replied matching Martha's tone, as he shut the curtain and headed up the stairs.

Conner worked on the tractor late into the night before he went to his room, and passed out. Martha stood by his closed door with a heartfelt caring smile of approval.

Early the next morning Jonathan and Martha were awakened by a loud noise and the two jumped up and followed the noise to their bedroom window.

Martha finished tying her robe, and sliding into her slippers as Jonathan parted the curtains just enough for them to peer out.

Conner was on the tractor, working the fields and making great time.

Jonathan had a proud smile on his face as he turned to Martha and said, "Now that reminds me of our Clark."

Martha looked on and smiled as she said, "Well he's going to need a big breakfast. Come on Jonathan, let's get it ready."

Martha went to work in the kitchen cooking up a huge breakfast for Conner. She had everything; bacon, eggs, sausage, waffles, pancakes... she made the works.

"Jonathan, why don't you see if Conner is done yet? The boy needs to get ready for school and eat his breakfast," Martha said as she flipped the pancakes.

Jonathan went to the door and saw Conner jumping off of the tractor, then looked out and yelled, "Conner, come on son. You have to get ready for school."

Conner ran in the house and right up the stairs. He turned on his stereo as he disrobed. He was about to get ready for a shower when he heard the news report.

"An oil tanker was involved in an accident on the Smallville Expressway. Fire Fighters and rescue works are fighting through the smoke and chaos to contain the incident..." The news reporter interrupted.

Conner took out his blue jeans and slipped them on, then grabbed his Superboy shirt and tucked it in, buttoned his jeans and slipped on his sneakers. He grabbed a blue button down shirt, his glasses, and as he rushed down the stairs he grabbed his backpack and headed to the kitchen.

"Sorry, no time for breakfast, there's been an accident on the Expressway, Superboy is needed," Conner said as he grabbed a piece of sausage, and shoved his shirt in his backpack then took off.

"Yup, just like Clark," Jonathan said as he sipped his coffee.

"I'm not too sure about his new costume though, not much to it except jeans and a T-Shirt with an "S" on it," Martha said sitting down at the kitchen table

"Yes Martha, but remember he's not like Clark, he doesn't wear a suit all day. He's a teenager, he needs to be able to change from his regular clothes to his uniform quickly," Jonathan replied.

"I know, but still, he needs a real costume. Maybe I can help him come up with one," Martha said as her head started wheeling with costume designs and color schemes.

Superboy arrived at the scene and began helping the rescuers evacuate the bridge.

"Superboy, the tanker needs to be contained, and removed before it blows," a Fireman yelled.

Superboy didn't hesitate, he knew what to do. He flew to the tanker and used his Tactical Telekinesis to squeeze the hole in the tanker shut. Then he jumped down and lifted the tanker up and moved it to a secure spot.

Superboy saw that the Fire Fighters were still having trouble getting through the smoke so he grabbed two hoses and using his Tactical Telekinesis maneuvered them into the area and helped contain the fire.

"Thanks Superboy. Glad you're around these here parts now," the Fireman said with a tip of his hat.

"Anytime, I'm just glad I was able to help. Now I'll let you finish your jobs," Superboy said as he flew away.

Conner grabbed his shirt from his backpack and threw it on, then buttoned it up. He then reached in the shirt's pocket and pulled out his glasses and placed them on his face. Slinging his backpack on, he headed into Smallville High.

He walked through the empty halls, everyone was in class already. Conner opened up the door to his home room just as Mr. Johns was doing role call.

"Sorry I'm late Mr. Johns," Conner said as he snuck into class, and made his way over to his seat.

"Just try not to make it a habit Mr. Kent," Mr. Johns said.

"Hey Con, nice to see you made it," Matt chuckled putting his fist out for Conner to give it a pound.

Conner smiled and gave Matt's fist a pound as he whispered, "Yeah man."


A door opened shinning some light into a dark office as a man in a suit walked in and approached a desk. 

"Mr. L, the tanker accident worked, Superboy showed up again in Smallville moments after the accident," The guy in the suit said.

"Hmmm, yes, just as I thought he would. That is all Otis," Mr. L said from behind the desk, his chair facing away from the man in the suit, hiding his face.

Mr. L turned around and placed his hand on his infrared mouse and clicked it. Across the room a large holo-screen came on with a huge chess board on it.

Mr. L used the mouse and placed the cursor over a black pawn moving it forward two spaces "It's all a game." 

Next Issue:

Conner is enjoying Smallville High, and why shouldn't he? He's popular and has met a whole bunch of friends.

Then why is he so nervous? Is it because of Football try-outs, or is it because Clark and Lois are flying in for Sunday Family Dinner?

Writer’s Thoughts:

I wanted to introduce the main characters of the story, and also show how Conner is adjusting to life in Smallville. I also wanted to show how important home life is to the Kent's, and how their "Let Him Figure Out The Right Thing" way of parenting is still there. I didn't want them to make Conner change, but instead guide him down the right path.

As you can see Conner's first few days at Smallville High is quite different than they were in the Pre-New 52 DCU, and VERY different than he is in the New 52. I might eventually showcase other series titled, I hope that each series can show different views but still maintain the essence of the characters, but that won't be for a while.

In this series I wanted to introduce someone right from the start, someone who can be Conner's Joker, his arch nemesis, and Mr. L is that person. This is someone who will be a mastermind and manipulate things from behind the desk for now. He will play a major role.

Till next time!


All rights to Superman and all related characters belong to DC Comics a Time-Warner company. This is a work of fiction meant for fun and entertainment and does not in anyway imply ownership or infringe on any copyrights or trademarks associated with Superman. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superboy was created by Jerry Siegel, for without whom my favorite characters would not exist.

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