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Just Imagine If Jay Relaunched.... Superboy!

Welcome to two new features on Comic Frontline via, Frontline Fiction. One of the most frequent questions we get int the comments is what we would do if we wrote (insert character/comic) and I am always asked about the Superman Family. Well I showed a preview of my Superman with Superman: Beginnings. But that wasn't the first time I wrote a Superman character, the first one was 12 years ago after Geoff Johns relaunched the Teen Titans. When the book was launched fans were torn a lot of people loved it, but a lot of hardcore Young Justice (original comic book series) fans were mad about how they changed their fun loving characters and "forced" them to grow up. One of the characters that got a lot of fans talking was Superboy, so this idea came about as a bridge between Young Justice and Teen Titans. So I am asking you to Just Imagine If Jay Relaunched: Superboy!

Ok let's go back into the genesis of this series. I was a huge fan of Geoff Johns' Teen Titans, but not everyone was, this was before he was huge so people were still very vocal against him. I was a part of the group that thought Superboy was finally going to be taken seriously. But I do think Geoff left a lot open in development between the two series, and without a solo series it would most likely never happen so I joined a Fan Fiction site and wrote the first 4 issues of this series to bridge that gap, but the site closed down. I am so good at saving things that I saved all 4 issues of the series and I also had all my notes for the first 2 years of issues.

Now this series was conceived 12 years ago and I am not going to change much about the first arc since I think it is important to the overall series, so you will have very strong ties to the first Geoff Johns Teen Titans arc in this. But that is not to say that I am not updating it. I am starting my Superboy series right after Young Justice/Titans: Graduation Day, so Donna Troy has just died, and the Young Justice and Titans team have disband. With Young Justice disbanded, Cassie is not talking to him and no one from the team talking to anyone, so Kon-El has went to the Kent Farm to live with Jonathan and Martha Kent as their nephew, Conner Kent.

This series will not just be about Superboy, but also about Conner Kent. For the first time he has a serious secret identity, he has a family and responsibilities while also trying to be a teenage hero. I am bringing in some very familiar Smallville High Alum, like Chloe Sullivan, and some familiar "faces" with new names. From here on though anything you thought you knew about Conner Kent, Superboy or the teens in the DCU can be changed. The Teen Titans will play a role in here and maybe even get their own series set in this continuity. For continuity nuts like me, I am tying this world into my Superman: Beginnings world.

Don't miss the debut of Frontline Fiction's SUPERBOY #1 this Wednesday March 4, 2015! Then stay tuned to Frontline Fiction in the middle of every month for a preview of the next issue which will go live the first Wednesday of every month!

Written By: JAY
Art By: JAY
Promo  Art By: VARIOUS
On Frontline Fiction – 3/04/15

All rights to Superman and all related characters belong to DC Comics a Time-Warner company. This is a work of fiction meant for fun and entertainment and does not in anyway imply ownership or infringe on any copyrights or trademarks associated with Superman. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Superboy was created by Jerry Siegel, for without whom my favorite characters would not exist.

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