Saturday, November 22, 2014

Superman: Beginnings Preview

A while ago I mentioned about my idea for a Superman origin story on a Frontline LIVE show and was asked to share it on Frontline Fiction, so I had a little bit of time and figured I'd share a small sample of the story.  I also decided to share a little bit more by sharing a conceptual layout for page I whipped up real fast just to give a quick idea of how I envisioned it.


"Space... Sector 2813," a man says as a screen appears and we see a planet. "A planet is born under a red sun, its people call it, Krypton."

The man continues as other images appear of Kryptonians and Kryptonian history showing their progress. "The inhabitants were savage, but they evolved, developed a culture, a society. The people were ruled by their emotions, and their faith which lead them into war after war. The wars were tearing them apart so they evolved once again. They began to look to science instead of religion, and logic instead of emotions. Like most change, some did not agree, those who chose another path looked up to the stars and sought out a new world for themselves."

"Krypton became a Utopia, until now," the images of the prosperous Krypton are replaced by images of quakes tearing apart cities, as the man continues his presentation. "After millennia of abuse to the planet through wars, scientific research, and its own mass, the planet is reacting; Krypton is nearing its own end." The screen goes off as the room is illuminated, and we find our speaker on top of a hovering platform before a council of Kryptonians.

"Jor-El, we appreciate your show, but Krypton is not in danger. The Science Council has deemed the quakes as a mere shift in the tectonic plates, which seems to have settled, since there have not been any reports in over a week," a member of the Council says.

"The Science Council is wrong, what you think of as the plates settling are just the calm before the storm. I collected the data," Jor-El begins.

"As head of the Science Council, I have read the many reports you have submitted, and your data is flawed, Krypton is safe," another member interrupts.

"You don't understand, Krypton is doomed, we are DOOMED!" Jor-El says emotionally.

"And what would you have us do Jor-El?" inquires a Council member.

"I have built a star drive unit; I can attach it to a pod. We can place everyone into the Phantom Zone and when the pilot reaches a new world, he can release us," Jor-El says explaining his plan.

"You expect us to willingly be trapped in the Phantom Zone with Krypton's most heinous criminals?" a Council member asks.

A loud noise sounds as the head of the Council speaks, "That is enough Jor-El. We have amused your constant end of the world presentations, because of the House of El's long standing reputation, one that you now bring shame to by your emotional and illogical outburst. This is the last time the Council will see you Jor-El."

"And tomorrow will be the last day Krypton sees. Farewell," Jor-El calmly says as his platform lowers and he leaves the Council Chamber.

Concept Layout Page 1


"We met in High School, and we got married shortly after. We took over my family's farm, began our life together, and we loved it," a man said as he looked out of a Doctor's office window through the blinds at his wife in the truck outside.

The man saw his wife's defeated look and continued, "But like all marriages, the Honeymoon ended, and we wanted more, we wanted a family."

The man turned back to the Doctor as he once again continued, "Month after month we checked to see if we were pregnant, and each time we got the same result... Negative. Soon the months turned into years, each time a piece of Martha.... a piece of us was lost, and Martha increasingly more depressed."

"I understand Mr. Kent," the Doctor began.

"Jonathan," Jonathan said.

"I understand Jonathan, but I am not sure we can help we have tried everything we know and the results all come back the same," the Doctor said taking off his glasses. "The few times she has become pregnant has resulted in miscarriages, which has caused scarring, and has hurt her chances even more. Perhaps it's time to consider adoption?"

"We have, but the waiting list for a newborn is years long, and Martha wants so badly to be a mother to a baby. She has faith that her prayers will be answered," Jonathan says as he heads for the door to the office.

"Well then I hope someone hears those prayers, and answers them for her," the Doctor says as he sees Jonathan out.

All rights to Superman and all related characters belong to DC Comics a Time-Warner company. This is a work of fiction meant for fun and entertainment and does not in anyway imply ownership or infringe on any copyrights or trademarks associated with Superman. Superman was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, for without whom my favorite character would not exist.

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