Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Realm of Dreams #2: Meet The Family

         Frontline Fiction Proudly  Presents: REALM OF DREAMS #2

What starts off as just another day for Ray Oliver Dmitriy quickly turns into the things of nightmares. What is reality?  What is dream? The lines begin to blur for Ray and this time it hits close to home.

Full Gatefold Cover


There I was standing on the field of battle. My men were bloody and beaten to a pulp. All my Warriors had fallen. Rain was pouring down. I check the score board one last time. Confirming that my High School football team; The Warriors lost their first game all year. I headed to the middle of the field to congratulate the winning coach we shook hands as he said "Good Game Coach Ray, however you seemed distracted on the sidelines, that’s not like you." I Just replied back to the other coach "Good game coach Frank, I am fine just a bad day in the office."

However that was not the case at all. Last week I had this crazy dream that this bug creature was chasing me and I woke up with a bruised foot and a bug in my bed. (*For more on this see Realm of Dreams #1) Since then I have had some crazy visions and I think I am hearing things. I can't tell if I am going crazy or if it’s just the lack of sleep. I have been doing all kinds of research on dreams and sleep apnea to see what’s wrong with me. Plus I have been drinking lots of coffee and a ton of energy drinks. Maybe not the healthiest thing in the world to do, but after what happened I am a little freaked out.

My Family came to the game to watch, they’re always there to support me. Win or lose, every week I promise to take them out for dinner because without family who would you be? I just completed the post game speech. I left the locker room and started walking towards the parking lot. In the distance there they were waiting outside the car for me; my wife Jill with my oldest boy Chase who is 13, Braden the middle child who is 7, and my only daughter and the youngest of the group Ashlyn who is a 3 years old.

As I get closer to the car Ashlyn starts running towards me screaming “Daddy!!” She is dressed up like Princess Elsa from Frozen. Braden comes in at a close second not caring about what happened at my football game, but to tell me the newest level he got to in his favorite DS game. Then Chase game up and said "good game dad get them next time, also where are we going to eat I am starving?" before he put his headphones back on. I swear that kid is going to eat me out of house and home. Then finally Jill, she just looks at me with her pretty hazel eyes and gives me a big kiss as says "Do not be too hard on yourself hon, it is only one loss." The woman is a rock I do not know where I would be without her today. She means everything.

"Okay guys everyone in the car before it rains again.” I shout out before I ask “Where do you want to go?" Just as I pulled out of the parking lot and started driving down the main street the rain started coming down again. I told the family to quiet down so I could concentrate on the road. All of a sudden a big crash of lighting came down and I saw that crazy bug’s face from the dream I had last week. I screamed and lost control of my car it swerved of the road and hit a tree dead on. Once I came to my senses I saw the windshield was busted and the front of the car was smashed. As look to my right Jill was gone. I looked in the back all 3 kids Chase, Braden and Ashlyn gone. They were all gone!!! My whole family all went missing. I got out of the car and looked around to see if I could find them. There was nothing. No tracks no blood, nothing. Except that same trail and that same wooden sign that I saw in my last Dream R.O.D. Why is this happening me?? Where is my Family??

 Written By: Michael Koslik A.K.A. (Mike Spider-Slayer)
Art By: Jay A.K.A. (Comic Book Theater)

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