Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fearless Foes Of Spider-Man

                                          IT All Started when I was 15.

It was when I was 15 years old that I started collecting comics and started getting hardcore into Amazing Spider-Man comics. The first real issue that I purchased was Amazing Spider-Man #313, I bought it for the cover. The villain on the cover the Lizard was bad ass and I loved how he was drawn. I could care less
at the time who had drawn the book, all I knew is that I loved the villain, and I wanted to read more Amazing Spider-Man comics.

In the near future I continued reading Amazing Spider-Man I picked up an issue here and there whenever I could. I had to ride my bike about 5 miles to the comic shop so it was kind of challenging . After reading a few issues of Amazing Spider-Man it was not until #334, that Amazing Spider-Man was going to come out bi-weekly and I was about to read my first real story arc a 6-part story called The Return of The Sinister Six. I remember this cover well, it had Electro and Doc Ock with this awesome artwork done by Erik Larsen at the time. So every two weeks I rode my bike to that store and picked up those issues and I loved each and every issue. I learned so much about Doc Ock, Electro, The Vulture, Sandman, Mysterio and the Hobgoblin. After reading this 6-part monster of a story I realized why I loved the series so much. It was the villains Spider-Man faced. I thought they all had the coolest powers. So in the Summer of 1991 I came up with my own story called  Fearless Foes of Spider-Man I wrote it, drew/traced it LOL. I completed 4 issues of that story. 23 Years later I am going bring that story to you. This story is focused on the villains. The very aspect on why I loved the title in the first place. I feel after reading about 400+ Issues since issue #334 and I am 23 years older I can write a fun story that Spider-Man fans could enjoy. Now I have tweaked the story and made it to fit today's comics and today's continuity  but expect lots of new villains and some faces you may already know. However this is my story so my rules so anything could go. Who knows I may get Mary Jane and Peter back together again!  So let me present to you the all new ongoing series, Fearless Foes of Spider-Man!! Hope you enjoy this teaser!!

 Frontline Fiction Proudly  PresentsFearless Foes OF Spider-Man

  An Underwater base: Location unknown

It is silent. Nobody around, cold and empty, looks like nobody has been around for months. All of a sudden in an instant, lights start flickering and computers start coming on. There is a small room in the middle of the floor that has a door. The door slowly slides up. Revealing a capsule. The capsule is pushed outside the room. Once stood completely upright the capsule splits open and steam flies Everywhere. The Mysterious character walks out of the capsule straight ahead to a giant monitor and says, "Vulture come in. Vulture, are you there? You Dolt!!  "Yes this is the Vulture. I see you waste no time for the insults," the Vulture replied. "Never Mind that you fool!! It is time to put the plan into motion. It is time to activate Fearless Foes Immediately," the mysterious  voice said. THE DIE IS CAST!!!!

Be here in 2 weeks weeks for Issue #1 Of Fearless Foes of Spider-Man

 Written By: Michael Koslik A.K.A. (Mike Spider-Slayer)
Art By: Jay A.K.A. (Comic Book Theater)

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