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Who Are The Guardians?

Gaea, the Earth Goddess could no longer stand the suffering of her "Children" (Humanity) so she called for all the Gods to meet with her so she could appeal to them to help her children. A few of them agreed to bestow their powers on a group of young adults with their powers. Gaea chose 6 individuals to be her Guardians.

Talli Tukwsi-t, was chosen by Gaea for his affinity for animals and his deep connection to his tribes ancient beliefs of living with nature. Nianque the Animal Guide Spirit of the Lenape people granted Talli the ability to access the powers of the animal spirits. This ability allows him to fly like a hawk, see like an eagle, etc.

Leia Kameāloha was an average girl on the big island. She was raised by her father alone, she was told her mother died after giving birth to her. She never knew that her mother was actually the Goddess Pele. Pele had assumed the form of a beautiful young woman with red hair and seduced Leia's father, but she didn't expect to fall in love with the man. Pele gave birth to Leia but knew she couldn't raise her for fear of the rejection of her father Kane-hoa-lani, one of the four main Gods of Polynesia since she was half mortal. Pele also feared that her sister, and enemy Na-maka-o-ka-hai, the Sea Goddess would take their rival out on her.

Leia's father was dying and as she sat by his bed, a mysterious woman with hair as red as her's appeared to visit. Leia knew automatically it was her mother and chased her, but when the woman turned the hall she disappeared. Leia went back to the room and the woman was kissing her father then turned into a golden fire form before she disappeared. Leia's father told her the whole truth before he passed. Leia was angry. She lost her father and found out that her mother is the Goddess Pele, who didn't want her.

Leia went to the Halemaʻumaʻu crater, at the summit caldera of Kīlauea which is believed to be the home of Pele. She cursed her mother damming her for abandoning her and her father telling her that he never loved any other woman because he loved her so much. This declaration was heard by more than Pele, it was also heard by her father and her sister.

When Gaea assembled the Gods, one of them was Kane-hoa-lani who agreed to bestow powers on someone but had a condition. He would only grant powers to someone who should have had them as their birthright, his grand-daughter Leia. Gaea agreed given her passion for life. Kane-hoa-lani appeared to his grand-daughter with Gaea and told her she was chosen, and would have all the powers her mother possessed and that he would be honored for her to join their family if she chose to. Leia agreed and took her mother's name Pele to prove to her mother she isn't afraid of her aunt Na-maka-o-ka-hai.

The God Ida-Ten agreed to bestow his power upon an individual, but he must be worthy. Gaea found a young man Willard "Will" Townes. Will just settled into college where he was going to major in Criminal Justice. He was taking a walk to get used to the area when he saw a fire at a local church. Will didn't hesitate he bolted into the church rescuing a Priest three Nuns and two parishioners. Ida-Ten deemed Will worthy and granted him his power of speed. With the power of speed, Will also gained the power to shoot bolts of lightning from his hands. Unlike Nianque and Pele, Will didn't chose to take the name of the God who gave him his powers but instead decided to become Bolt.

There is little known about Dana Roberts, even by her. What she does know is that she was born with an almost ice-blue color hair, and that she was left on the doorstep of her adoptive parents the Roberts with a note written in a language they didn't recognize.

Ull, the Norse God of Ice and Snow agreed to give power to one mortal, but told Gaea it had to be Dana Roberts. Gaea agreed for reasons of her own. Dana was granted the Absolute power of ice and snow.

Drake McEntire felt like he grew up in the shadow of his identical twin brother Brock, who was the most popular kid in school. Drake was always the smart one that went to college and just recently graduated with a degree in education. The Celtic Goddess Aife was shown this by Gaea and as the Goddess and the Queen of the Isle of Shadows and the Goddess of Protection, General Knowledge and Teaching granted him her power which manifested in the ability to create Force fields, energy projections, and the ability to bend the light around his force fields rendering him invisible.

The last God that agreed to help Gaea was Dagda, the Father of the Celtic Gods. He agreed to gift Drake's twin brother Brock McEntire with his powers. The power was so immense that Brock wasn't just granted super strength but he would grow to a hulking size when he activated his powers. 

Well those are The Guardians! This is an idea I first came up with over 30 years ago when I was a little kid. I was always into comics and mythology, Greek, Roman, Celtic, Native American, etc you name it I loved it. I could name the pantheon of them all before I ever went to school. Now since then things have changed some like the name of the team (The Gods, the Pantheon, The Protectors to name a few) but most of the powers and personalities are the same with just a few tweaks. I hope everyone enjoys my first contribution to Frontline Fiction!

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